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a technology-based manufacturer aiming at meeting global needs

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We are committed to becoming

a technology-based manufacturer aiming at meeting global needs

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冢田理研是塑胶电镀的专业厂家。创始于昭和 38 年(1963 年),正是日本塑胶电镀技术工业化时期。通过 50 余年的发展,已成为日本塑胶电镀的顶级厂家。在日本,为实现电镀技术与長野県美好自然环境的完美相结合,把产品、排水及废液进行处理,循环利用,打造出了理想的环保型电镀企业。在拥有世界上最大汽车市场的中国,本公司以呵护环境为己任,运用娴熟的电镀技术,为满足广大客户的需求,在中国广东省江门市崖门镇电镀工业基地内建造了一流的工厂。与日本总部一样,采用最先进的电镀技术,实施高品质、多样化的电镀生产,为全球客户提供优质服务。

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2022-11-30 10:27

Auto parts concept: Thick accumulation and thin development

Whether from the growth space of Chinese auto industry or the rules of industrial structure adjustment and upgrading of Chinese auto parts industry, there will still be great space for Chinese auto parts industry in the coming years.

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2022-11-30 10:27

Automotive "interior and exterior decoration parts" robot processing technology scheme

From the perspective of structure, automotive exterior parts mainly include trim, trim, functional structure, body structure, chassis structure (new energy vehicle battery box), lights, door handles, sunroof, etc.

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2022-11-30 10:27

Do you understand the selection, application and future of automotive interior and exterior decoration materials?

With the rapid promotion of China's automotive industry status in the world, people's ability to comprehensively evaluate the performance of automobile products has been strengthened, and the requirements for the shape and structure of automobiles have become more stringent. Automotive interior and exterior decoration products are not only an element, but also a product highlight. In order to meet the requirements of users for car comfort and environmental protection, in addition to the extraordinary overall structure design, the selection of automotive interior and exterior decoration materials is also the key.

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2022-11-30 10:27

Automotive interior and exterior trim industry technical level and industry challenge

Car exterior trim refers to the parts of the body that play the role of protection and decoration. It is not only the appearance parts (such as the hub decoration cover can improve the brand image of the car, and all kinds of decorative strips can enhance the vehicle beauty), but also the safety parts (such as the bumper can absorb energy, reduce the damage of the body), or the functional parts (such as the fender can prevent the wheel rolling sand and sound insulation). So the exterior parts play an important role in the auto parts system.

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Jiangmen Tsukada Riken Automotive Trim Co., Ltd.

In China, which has the world's automobile market, in order to meet the needs of customers, a factory was built in the electroplating industrial base of Yamen Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. Like the Japanese headquarters, the company takes care of the environment as its own responsibility, uses skilled and advanced electroplating technology, implements high-quality and diversified electroplating production, and provides high-quality services to global customers.


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