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Auto parts concept: Thick accumulation and thin development

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2022-11-30 10:27

Future development trend of auto parts

1. There is still huge space in the auto parts industry

Whether from the growth space of Chinese auto industry or the rules of industrial structure adjustment and upgrading of Chinese auto parts industry, there will still be great space for Chinese auto parts industry in the coming years.

2. The State will focus on long-term support for the auto parts industry

Auto parts as the basis for the development of automobile industry, is a national key support of the development of the industry for a long time, our government has issued a series of policy measures to encourage the development of basic components.

3. The trend of industrial layout clustering and product production integration is more obvious

The regional distribution of Oems business has strong clustering characteristics, which determines that the development mode which takes the industrial chain as the core and forms supporting industrial clusters in a certain region has strong competitive advantages.

4. Industrial integration and restructuring were accelerated

By integrating internal and external resources, improving the overall scale and reducing production costs will be one of the core competitiveness of auto parts enterprises in the future.

5. Modularity and lightweight promote industrial change

From the perspective of modularization, with the gradual promotion of modularization technology, automobile manufacturers will significantly reduce the number of auto parts procurement, and promote the procurement mode from "single product procurement" to "module procurement". From the perspective of lightweight, body lightweight has therefore become an important development direction of new energy vehicles. It is expected that in the future, new energy batteries, motor housing, chassis sub-frame, steering system and so on will use lighter and higher strength materials to reduce weight.

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