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Automotive interior and exterior trim industry technical level and industry challenge

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2022-11-30 10:27

Automobile exterior trim refers to the parts that play the role of protection and decoration on the outside of the body. It is not only the appearance parts (such as the decorative cap of the wheel can improve the brand image of the car, and all kinds of decorative strips can enhance the beauty of the vehicle), but also the safety parts (such as the bumper can absorb energy and reduce the damage of the body), or the functional parts (such as the fender can prevent the sand and sound insulation of the wheel rolled up). So the exterior parts play an important role in the auto parts system. Automotive interior decoration refers to the parts that play the role of protection and decoration in the automobile interior, mainly including the instrument panel, seats, ceiling, door protection panel, carpet, etc. Interior decoration has an important impact on the improvement of automobile comfort, safety and beauty, and is also one of the important factors that determine the grade and brand image of the automobile. Plastic is the automotive interior and exterior trim materials with the most raw materials, its synthetic resin (polymeric resin or polycondensation resin) as the main component, has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, and its products can effectively reduce the friction between the transmission parts, improve wear resistance, reduce the number of parts, reduce processing energy consumption, and increase the safety, comfort and sealing of the car. The large-scale application of plastics in automobile is the result of the continuous progress of chemical industry and the improvement of automobile energy saving and safety level. Plastic parts have been widely used in automobiles. According to the application occasions of automobile parts, plastic parts of automobiles can be mainly divided into interior parts, exterior parts, engine room parts and electrical parts. At present, automotive interior parts have basically realized plasticization, most of the exterior parts, part of the engine room parts, electrical parts have also realized plasticization.

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