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Quality design of automobile exterior trim

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2022-11-30 10:28

The black edge and flower design of the front and rear wind window assembly are directly related to the driver's vision and the brightness and darkness of the interior light, affecting the evaluation of the vehicle quality sense. The main function of the black edge includes two aspects: to protect the glass glue from being exposed to the sun, to prevent the aging of the glass glue leading to the fall off of the front window; Secondly, the black edge can block the trim, the inner rearview mirror or sensor bracket, so that the vehicle is more beautiful. The flower point is located inside the black edge, the main function is to act as the transition from the black edge to the transparent glass, weakening the visual mutation; In addition, the flower point can also contain the black edge to create deviation. It can be seen that the design difficulty of the black edge and the flower point is to ensure the beauty while matching well with the peripheral parts. The flower diagram is shown in the figure.

When designing the black edges and flower spots of the windwindow glass, typical sections should be drawn first to ensure that the black edges and flower spots exceed the interior projection by more than 8mm (2mm black edges, 6mm flower spots), so that the interior flanges are not exposed. The black edge should be parallel to the surrounding parts as far as possible, and the rounded corners should be as small as possible to ensure the appearance of beauty. According to relevant requirements, the black edge of the front windwindow glass must meet the requirements of the field of view. The limit position of the field of view needs to be confirmed in the early stage of design, and the black edge should not exceed the field of view line. On the premise of satisfying the field of view, the lower black edge should shield the wiper shaft as far as possible to ensure that the wiper shaft is not visible while sitting in the cabin, and the field of view is simpler and clearer.

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