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Matte Technology

The metal feeling presented by the electroplating parts can make the whole car full of high-end and fashionable sense.

The matte color gives the electroplated parts a stronger metallic texture and makes the overall appearance more ornamental. In recent years, the matte color has been used by more and more models.

The formation of matte tone is not the effect of the most surface electroplating layer, but the color effect brought by the effect of the nickel layer in the middle of the plating layer.

The intensity of matte can be adjusted through the production process, and the combination of the nickel layer and the outermost chrome layer can produce various color effects.

Matte Technology

The graininess shown by the nickel layer is due to the addition of particulate matter into the nickel layer, which causes the surface of the coating to lose its original smoothness, resulting in unevenness, and the loss of luster presents a grainy effect.

Matte Technology

Matte has effects such as strong or weak matt feeling, more or less graininess, yellowish graininess, and bluish graininess. In the automotive industry, the matte effect required by each OEM is also different. Even if the same OEM, different Depending on the model, the choice of matte color will also vary to a certain extent. At present, Tsukada can debug 36 categories of colors.

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